Advocacy & Pro Bono

Vicente Sederberg has roots in the drug policy reform movement. It was born not only from our interest in navigating the law, but from our passion for changing laws and developing policies to improve our community and the lives of others. This activist spirit and commitment to the common good have remained at the core of VS's culture and identity for over a decade.  

Our team members participate in local government working groups and provide education and policy guidance to public officials. We serve on boards and as advisors for nonprofit organizations and advocacy campaigns. We provide free or reduced-cost services to participants in social equity programs, and we co-founded a scholarship program to provide free continuing legal education to other attorneys who do the same. We also contribute and raise funds for charitable organizations, educational and advocacy nonprofits, and ballot initiative campaigns. 

We are constantly seeking opportunities to continue advancing the public interest through direct advocacy, pro bono legal services, and community service. Please contact us if you would like to discuss an opportunity in which we may be able to help.


Our advocacy and pro bono activities generally fall into nine focus areas that reflect our core values of compassion, justice, diversity, liberty, and social responsibility.

  • Ending the War on Drugs
  • Patient Rights & Treatment Access
  • Scientific Research
  • Repairing Drug War Damage
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Education & Civic Engagement
  • Advancing Sensible Policy
  • Hemp Advocacy
  • General Philanthropy