Administrative Law

Cannabis laws and regulations are complex, and failing to navigate them properly can be costly or even catastrophic. Marijuana and hemp businesses facing regulatory proceedings, licensing hearings or denials, and other administrative actions need a trusted and experienced advocate on their side. Attorneys at Vicente Sederberg LLP have served in this role for over a decade, fiercely advocating for our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Members of our firm have been playing an active role in developing local and state cannabis regulations since the inception of the legal cannabis industry, and we vigilantly track the ever-changing rules that govern it. We have also worked alongside and across from countless regulators and government attorneys, and we have represented several cannabis companies before administrative law judges. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of how cannabis rules are implemented and enforced, including disciplinary and denial trends, and we use this knowledge and experience to represent all types of cannabis businesses effectively and with unmatched credibility.



  • Representation in disciplinary and enforcement proceedings, including summary suspensions, warning letters, orders to show cause, and Assurances of Voluntary Compliance (AVC)
  • Preparation for, and representation at, state and local licensing hearings
  • Representation in negotiations with state and local regulators
  • Appealing and seeking judicial review of final agency actions, such as licensing denials and declaratory orders


  • Represented numerous cannabis business clients in administrative actions before state and local regulators
  • Represented numerous clients facing allegations of illegal pesticide use, resulting the businesses remaining operational
  • Represented a client who was wrongfully ordered to surrender their cultivation license and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, resulting in the dismissal of multiple allegations and the company continuing operations


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