Administrative Law

Administrative law is a complex and highly specialized practice area, and failure to navigate it properly can be costly or even catastrophic for your business. You need a trusted advocate who understands all the nuances and has extensive experience representing cannabis-specific clients. Vicente Sederberg LLP has been serving in this role since Colorado established the nation's first state-regulated medical marijuana system in 2010.


VS offers administrative law services for new and established cannabis businesses, including:

  • Preparation for and representation at state and local hearings
  • Responding to and handling regulatory disciplinary actions including warning letters, Assurances of Voluntary Compliance (AVC), and Orders to Show Cause
  • Appealing and seeking judicial review of final agency actions such as licensing denials and Declaratory Orders
  • Skilled negotiations with regulators


VS has been on the cutting edge of cannabis law and regulatory policy since day one of the state-regulated marijuana industry. Our attorneys have advocated on behalf of cannabis companies before administrative law judges in all types of settings, and they have worked alongside and across from countless marijuana regulators and government attorneys. As a result, they are able to quickly assess situations, recommend the best options, and, when necessary, competently adjudicate matters in district court and beyond.

We vigilantly track ever-changing local and state marijuana laws and regulations, and our attorneys have a deep understanding of how they are implemented and enforced, including disciplinary and denial trends. With this level of knowledge and experience, we are able to represent our clients effectively and with unmatched credibility.