Regulatory Compliance

Vicente Sederberg LLP has specialized in cannabis regulatory compliance since the inception of the legal cannabis industry. We provide marijuana and hemp businesses with actionable guidance on all types of state and local laws and regulations, helping them to understand enforcement efforts and empowering them to work efficiently with regulators to minimize violations, inquiries, audits, and investigations. Because regulatory compliance is a vital component of virtually every aspect of the cannabis industry, our firm has developed a cross-disciplinary approach that spans all of our practice areas and offers clients a one-stop shop for all their compliance needs. Our goal: to help cannabis businesses not only survive, but also thrive in this highly complex regulatory environment.

VS has been providing reliable regulatory counsel to cannabis business clients from coast to coast for over a decade. Members of our team have also been actively involved in developing numerous state and local laws and regulations, and they vigilantly track these ever-changing policies. We leverage this unparalleled industry experience and our national scale to provide clients with subject-matter expertise, insights into enforcement trends, and clarity on the intent and evolution of laws and regulations. Our attorneys do not just know the rules — they know why the rules were created and how they are implemented and enforced, and they use this specialized knowledge to help business owners, in-house compliance teams, and their employees create and maintain compliant operations.


Director of Regulatory Compliance

Director of Regulatory Compliance


VS offers customized compliance plans to meet each client’s individual needs and budget. Our services include:

We work with investors, business owners, in-house compliance teams, and occupational badge-holders to answer complex compliance questions facing licensed and ancillary marijuana businesses.

Developing a cannabis brand is a difficult endeavor. Packaging and labeling regulations are often changing and differ between states. We offer guidance to help businesses understand state labeling regulations and achieve their desired look across various regulated environments. We also review packaging and labeling designs to identify and address potential issues before you head to the printer.

From pre-operational compliance to operational and inventory tracking compliance and enforcement remediation, we provide facility evaluations complete with recommendations to help licensed facilities promote and maintain compliance. Through our partnership with Simplifya, an industry-leading provider of compliance auditing tools, we offer comprehensive on-site compliance evaluations, including itemized reports detailing potential issues and helpful action items.

We provide private compliance trainings on topics including regulations, specific requirements for each license type, best practices for marketing and sales teams, and transitioning from medical to retail markets, among other subjects. We also host occasional educational seminars on timely compliance topics to help business owners and employees stay up to date on constantly changing regulations.

To promote efficiency, consistency, and compliance in your operations, we help our clients satisfy regulatory requirements by developing standardized documents including streamlined binder systems of required records, standard operating procedures, operational guides, compliance checklists, labeling guides, and employee training manuals. Our team can also review client-created documents to verify their compliance. 


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Director of Regulatory Compliance

Director of Regulatory Compliance

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Over the first half of 2021, many states passed laws, implemented, or proposed new regulations regarding hemp cultivation, processing, and CBD products. These changes range from updates to testing, labeling, and packaging requirements, to adjustments in license requirements and limits on the types of hemp-derived products that can be sold. 

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Vicente Sederberg is monitoring the potential impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on cannabis businesses, service providers, and consumers in Colorado.

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The coronavirus and efforts to contain it have led to changes in the regulatory landscape and consumer behavior that are likely to shape the cannabis industry moving forward. In spite of COVID-19, or perhaps because of it, the cannabis industry is thriving, and will continue to do so as long as demand remains strong and operators adhere to the rules and regulations designed to keep consumers and employees safe.

Prop 65 Warning Requirements for Cannabis, THC and CBD

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In early 2020, California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment added Δ9 THC and marijuana smoke to the Proposition 65 list of chemicals known as reproductive toxins. What does this mean for cannabis businesses?

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The beginning of federally regulated hemp has been marred by industry-wide concerns about an overly restrictive federal program, and what may come from the USDA review of more than 4,600 comments to its interim final rule governing U.S. hemp production.

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