Regulatory Compliance

Vicente Sederberg LLP offers cannabis business clients a one-stop shop for all of their compliance needs, helping them to not just survive, but also thrive in a highly complex regulatory environment. We provide actionable guidance on state and local cannabis laws and regulations to help our clients understand enforcement efforts, empower them to work efficiently with regulators, and minimize violations, inquiries, audits, and investigations.


The VS Compliance Department offers customized compliance plans to meet each client’s individual needs and budget. Our services include:

  • Compliance Questions: We work with investors, business owners, in-house compliance teams, and occupational badge-holders to answer complex compliance questions facing licensed and ancillary marijuana businesses. We leverage our national scale and unparalleled industry experience to provide subject-matter expertise, insights into enforcement trends, and clarity on the intent and evolution of laws and regulations.
  • Packaging and Labeling: Developing a cannabis brand is a difficult endeavor. Packaging and labeling regulations are often changing and differ between states. We offer guidance to help businesses understand state labeling regulations and achieve their desired look across various regulated environments. We also review packaging and labeling designs to identify and address potential issues before you head to the printer.
  • Facility Evaluations: From pre-operational compliance to operational and inventory tracking compliance and enforcement remediation, we provide facility evaluations complete with recommendations to help licensed facilities promote and maintain compliance. Through our partnership with Simplifya, an industry-leading provider of compliance auditing tools, we offer comprehensive on-site compliance evaluations, including itemized reports detailing potential issues and helpful action items.
  • Staff Training: We provide private compliance trainings on topics including regulations, specific requirements for each license type, best practices for marketing and sales teams, and transitioning from medical to retail markets, among other subjects. We also host occasional educational seminars on timely compliance topics to help business owners and employees stay up to date on constantly changing regulations.
  • Standard Documents: To promote efficiency, consistency, and compliance in your operations, we help our clients satisfy regulatory requirements by developing standardized documents including streamlined binder systems of required records, standard operating procedures, operational guides, compliance checklists, labeling guides, and employee training manuals. Our team can also review client-created documents to verify their compliance.