Economics & Research

Vicente Sederberg LLP uses policy research and proprietary projection models rooted in economic theory and statistical analysis to deliver valuable insights to private and public sector clients. We offer a broad range of research and analytical services, which are customized to meet the individual needs of each client and provide them with a data-driven basis for their business or policy decisions.


The VS Economics and Research team offers a wide variety of research and analytical services, including:

Economic Analysis

  • Statewide economic projections of medical and adult-use cannabis markets
  • Demand forecasting for state cannabis programs
  • Business pro forma creation and review
  • Supply and demand modeling to predict market capture and opportunities for growth
  • Analysis of competitor market penetration based on publicly available data
  • Growth projections for specific cannabis product categories and market segments
  • Patient population growth models for medical states
  • Tax revenue projections for local governments and new cannabis initiatives

Market Analysis

  • National research on the legality of different cannabis products and services
  • Identifying states and municipalities where market conditions provide greatest business opportunity
  • Multilayered analysis of local governments to determine optimal locations for business development
  • Epidemiological research to estimate patient statistics
  • Research on trends for new cannabis products and services


Our team members have spent years researching and shaping medical and adult-use cannabis markets in the United States and internationally, earning VS a reputation as a go-to source for information and analysis for media outlets, government officials, investors, and industry groups. In addition to informing clients' business and product development decisions, our patient projections and demand models have contributed to winning medical marijuana business license applications in many of the most competitive state licensing processes in the country, including Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.