Land Use & Zoning

Finding, securing, and financing suitable real estate is at the core of siting virtually any cannabis business. Site selection is paramount, especially in jurisdictions where municipal approval is a separate layer of the licensing application process. Mistakes at the outset can doom an operator, sometimes months and hundreds of thousands of dollars into the process. Vicente Sederberg LLP can guide your business through the zoning labyrinth and help you occupy the ideal location for your operation.


The VS Land Use and Zoning Practice Group assists marijuana business operators with a wide variety of land use, zoning, and real estate matters, including:

  • Zoning analysis
  • Securing letters of support and non-opposition and other municipal approvals
  • Establishing positive relationships with abutters
  • Preparing for and presenting at public hearings
  • Zoning petitions to amend allowable locations
  • Applications for special permits and other zoning relief
  • Landlord incentive strategies
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial lease agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Financing strategies
  • Cost-effective methods of securing property pending final licensure


VS has been helping to shape state and municipal marijuana policies since 2010, and we have a deep understanding of the cannabis industry and the many legal and regulatory issues surrounding it. We have worked closely with mayors, city and town council members, planning boards, neighborhood organizations, regulators, law enforcement, and other stakeholders to determine the most suitable locations for cannabis operations, and we know how to allay the concerns that are most likely to arise within the community.

Thanks to this knowledge and experience, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to assist marijuana businesses in navigating local land use and zoning issues, and they have successfully sited scores of them around the country.