Vicente Sederberg LLP is a national leader in cannabis business licensing and has helped clients around the country obtain state and local licenses for marijuana retail stores, cultivation facilities, testing laboratories, and processing and product manufacturing facilities. We create work plans, oversee the application process, draft narratives, and play a critical role in the production of business plans, financials, and operating manuals, while providing confidential legal and strategic advice related to all facets of the process and your business.


From the initial completion and review of licensing applications to complex ownership changes and modifications of existing facilities, our team quickly assesses a client’s needs and provides the guidance and practical knowledge necessary for their continued success. We have also developed comprehensive industry-specific manuals and intellectual property to assist clients when applying in new markets. Our services include:

  • Assistance with all types of state and local licensing applications, including applications for new business licenses, license renewals, changes of ownership, changes of location, modification of premises, and occupational licensing
  • Assistance with pre-suitability applications, Permitted Economic Interest applications, and other financial disclosure applications
  • Obtaining required state and local tax permits
  • Regulatory reviews of licensing applications and supporting documents
  • Representation at state and local licensing hearings
  • Renewal tracking and assistance for all license types


The VS Licensing Department is run by a team of attorneys and professional staff experienced in obtaining various types of marijuana business licenses in jurisdictions across the U.S. Our team members’ active participation in writing and shaping state and local regulatory laws provides them with unique insights into navigating these complicated licensing systems. We routinely help clients secure licenses through non-competitive state and local licensing processes, and we have been doing so in states like Colorado since it established the nation’s first state-regulated cannabis market.

Our merit-based licensing team has submitted applications in competitive processes in more than two dozen states, Canada, and Puerto Rico, building an unparalleled record of success.


VS has helped clients obtain licenses in 21 states: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

VS helped clients win cannabis business licenses in:

  • Aurora, Colorado's third-largest city, where 57 applications were submitted and 27 licenses were awarded. VS's client received the highest score.
  • Connecticut, where 73 applications were submitted and only nine dispensary licenses were awarded.
  • Florida, where 28 applications were submitted and only five licenses were awarded.
  • Hawaii, where 66 applications were submitted and only eight licenses were awarded.
  • Maryland, where 145 applications for cultivation licenses were submitted and only 15 licenses were awarded. VS also helped a client obtain one of 15 processing licenses, for which 124 applications were submitted.
  • Minnesota, where 10 applications were submitted and only two licenses were awarded.
  • Nevada, where 109 licenses were submitted and 60 were awarded. VS helped win four licenses, and its clients received the highest and second-highest scores.
  • New York, where 43 applications were submitted and only four licenses were awarded.
  • North Dakota, where 19 applications were submitted and only two licenses were awarded. VS’s client received the highest score.
  • Ohio, where 109 applications were submitted and only 12 licenses were awarded. VS’s client received the highest score.
  • Pennsylvania, where 282 applications were submitted and 27 licenses were awarded.
  • Utah, where 81 applications were submitted and eight licenses were awarded.
  • Virginia, where 51 applications were submitted and only five vertically integrated licenses were awarded.