Real Estate

Vicente Sederberg has specialized in cannabis law for over a decade and recognizes the critical role real estate plays in the cannabis business. We have represented a wide variety of clients in the leasing, purchase, and sale of commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties for use in the marijuana and hemp industries. We understand the unique challenges they face, and we ensure they maintain the highest levels of legal protection and regulatory compliance in every jurisdiction in which they operate.

Our attorneys apply a cross-disciplinary approach to every real estate transaction, leveraging the extensive experience and specialized knowledge of several VS practice groups, including Administrative Law, Corporate, Insolvency & State Receivership, Land Use & Zoning, and Licensing. We know what it takes to get real estate deals done in the cannabis space, and we know how to do them right. 


Senior Associate Attorney


  • Purchase and sale of properties
  • Due diligence on property feasibility
  • Cannabis specific lease provisions and lease negotiations for landlords and tenants
  • Title and deed review
  • Joint venture and other equity investment transactions
  • Land use, zoning, and other entitlements


  • Represented numerous landlords and tenants in cannabis lease negotiations
  • Represented numerous cannabis companies in navigating land use and zoning issues related to licensure
  • Represented tenant in negotiating a twenty-year cultivation lease with Power REIT in Crowley County, Colorado


Senior Associate Attorney

Senior Associate Attorney


Commercial Leases Involving Cannabis Businesses

By Ben Leonard and Brett Williams
Mar 9, 2021

This article published by the Colorado Bar Association addresses issues unique to cannabis-related business lease transactions and offers suggestions for structuring such leases to maintain regulatory compliance.

What is a Cannabis REIT?

By Charles Alovisetti, Partner; Cassia Furman, Partner; Ben Leonard, Associate
Feb 4, 2020

To many in the cannabis industry, REIT is not a common acronym. Yet, as cannabis businesses seek ways to raise funds, REITs are coming up in more and more conversations.