[Webinar] Hemp Game Changers

Apr 17, 2020

SXSW 2020 had some amazing content in the cannabusiness track, but the event was unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, our SXSW session "Hemp Game Changers" lives on as a virtual event!
The American hemp industry is here, and its potential is extraordinary. Get to know some of the companies who are not only changing the world with hemp, but who have been working behind the scenes to change the laws and educate the masses to ensure this industry’s promise is realized. These are leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are doing more than producing consumer products - they are trailblazers leading policy reform, revolutionizing natural and industrial products, and truly “changing the game.” 

​​​​​​​From their unique lens, the panelists will discuss the future of the industry, its challenges, and how businesses and consumers can have a real impact by disrupting the market, benefiting the environment and shifting how society views this once forbidden resource.  


  • Shawn Hauser, Vicente Sederberg LLP
  • Kelly Fair, Canopy Growth Corporation
  • Annie Nelson, Willie's Remedy & Willie's Reserve
  • Elizabeth Hogan, Willie's Remedy & Willie's Reserve

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